Leverage Your Business andMaximize Revenues Through Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Connect your brand with your target audience. Utilizing a strong social media strategy, we attract, engage, sell and retarget new users to increase sales. From new product launches, to nationwide branding and conversion campaigns, we strive to grow social followings and increase engagement with proven techniques and strategies.


Case Study - SP Holsters

While working together, we were able to increase the overall social media presence of the Sneaky Pete Holsters brand by over 120%, increase the reach to over 2 million users, and track a post engagement of over a half million unique visitors, in only 3 months. With over 5000 conversions and rapidly climbing, we were also able to achieve a cost per acquisition that is half of all previous campaigns and methodologies used prior to hiring us.

Case Study - Accent Flooring

Working with Accent Flooring to gain an influential online presence, resulted in a very positive response for the brand and business revenues. From foundation up, we increased the brand awareness of Accent Flooring in a very specifically targeted market radius on Long Island. We were determined to get in front of an audience that was most likely to convert to a sale. By reaching thousands of unique visitors, analytic tracking data showed us a local engagement increase of over 500% in both tracked showroom sales and installation services, proving a positive ROI for the client.

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